We are moving to the Czech Republic

We are moving to the Czech Republic
After a lot of thinking, we have decided to close our US company in Florida and from now on, handle everything from our company in the Czech Republic. This of course comes with some changes and we are here to explain them and the reasoning behind them.

Deciding to close our Florida company

We decided we wanted to handle everything about RAYNET CRM from our home country, so we can fully focus on what’s important. Taking better care of our customers and having more time to make RAYNET CRM even better every day.

When we established RAYNETCRM LLC, the times were quite different. First of all, we wouldn’t have been able to connect the payment-processing software Stripe without it. And secondly, unfortunately, many people at the time thought most of Europe is literally the USSR. Of course, now things are different and we feel as though the perception has shifted in terms of acceptance and letting go of prejudice with big players like Kiwi, Smartlook, Make or Productboard dominating the software market in their respective fields.

Closing our Florida company and moving all our operations away from the US to Europe does come with some necessary adjustments, though most of them will not impact your daily work at all. Because the move to our Czech company RAYNET s.r.o. is considered switching vendors, Administrators of the instance will need to follow the steps that will appear in a pop-up window in the CRM system related to payment information and new Terms of Service in order to keep using RAYNET CRM, but once that is done, everything important stays the way it was before.

pop-up window in RAYNET

Pop-up window in the CRM system - click the button "FIRST STEP"

1. New Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and DPA 📃

Now let’s get into the specifics.

When it comes to privacy and data security, there is probably no one that does it better than the European Union with the strict General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in place. We have adopted its principles and added clauses specific to California (CCPA) and Singapore (PDPA). Other countries or states are not namely mentioned because the most relevant privacy and security matters are already covered under the GDPR. Find out more about how we protect your personal data in compliance with the GDPR by reading the article Our commitment to GDPR compliance.

If you are a European resident, there are two changes specific to you that arise from these new documents. Your data will be migrated from Virginia to Frankfurt. It should only take a few minutes. We will contact you and figure out the best to make this happen. This change has the added benefit of allowing you to access and work with your data faster. The second change concerns the creation of a new Europe-specific domain eu.raynetcrm.com. European residents will be redirected there automatically when accessing raynetcrm.com.

2. Billing information check 👀

Don't worry, this change does not involve any sort of increase of the base subscription fee. But because our customers are from all over the world and each country has different requirements when it comes to billing information, it is necessary that you check if your billing information is filled out correctly. For example, if you are a VAT payer, please fill in your VAT id. number. We want all future invoices and statements to include all the required information and thus make everyone’s life easier. Please note that if you do not fill in your VAT/Tax ID no. your subscription fee will be subject to 21% VAT (Czech VAT rate). The pop-up window in your CRM system will guide you through this process step by step.

3. Linking your payment card again 💳

As we already mentioned, moving our customers from our Florida company to our Czech company is the same as completely changing vendors under the law, so it is necessary that you enter your payment card details again after accessing your CRM instance. You don’t have to do so right away when the window pops up in your instance. And you don’t have to do it at all if you are currently in the 30-day free trial.

Our team and company culture 

Some of you may be wondering where the Czech Republic, also called Czechia, even is, so here it goes. It is located in Central Europe, is part of the European Union and is probably best known for its capital city Prague due to the city’s rich history and unique architecture. Historical and architectural significance can also be attributed to the country as a whole, as it has the highest density of castles in the world. Not the highest number of castles in the world, mind you, because it is quite a small country, but it is full of landmarks and history all the same. Some would say it is also well known for the population's high consumption of beer and everyone wearing socks in sandals, but that’s just a small part of it, we swear! 


Take a look at our unique office space in the city of Ostrava, Czech Republic, where all the magic happens!

Here are some interesting facts about us that will give you an idea of what we are all about.

  1. Raynet s.r.o. has been established in 2004 by a group of college friends who still work at the company as of now.
  2. We love kaizen. Every improvement is a reason to make another.
  3. In 2022 we have made over 160 improvements to RAYNET CRM.
  4. On average, we grow by 31% a year.
  5. We have customers on every continent except Antarctica (for the time being!).
  6. Around 40 employees currently work at RAYNET.
  7. Openness among employees and with our customers is one of our top priorities
  8. We love what we do 🥰 and we hope you can tell.👇

Our team on a trip to Buchlov castle

We hope we explained everything that led us to making this decision and what exactly that means for you, but if you still have any questions, please contact us and ask away. That’s one of the reasons we made this change after all, to be there for you more!