What do people that use RAYNET CRM on the daily have to say about us

Andrea Weiss
I like how RAYNET is focused on customer success, that is really meaningful. RAYNET CRM is an easy tool – it has an intuitive structure. The agile app is perfect support on the go, it lets you successfully find and navigate opportunities.
Csaba Matyoka
What I like is how easy it is to organize clients and manage them, it's easy to see the connections between them too. The activity tab is also useful as it divides the activities up, like emails; meetings; phone calls. A great Sales CRM where it's easy to get any date from it and track our sales and the conversion rates.
Petra Johnstone
We have been using RAYNET CRM for over 5 years. The system is very intuitive, user-friendly and has all the features we need in order to manage our clients and potential customers. It is interconnected with other systems we use for accounting, mass emailing and stock records, which makes our job significantly easier. The interface itself is pleasing to the eye and easy to work in. In addition, Raynet's customer service is excellent and always ready and willing to help.
Andrew Green
Our inbound leads have grown exponentially, we needed a CRM system that is fast, easy to use and gives us the workflows we need to effectively manage the lifecycle of our sales opportunities. RAYNET gives us the tools we need to excel in our space. We love the fact it’s a platform that continually evolves with us.
Caterina Clark
I love the fact that RAYNET focuses on the sales side, and you really could be the automated “sales manager”. Sales is lively, interactive and deals with sales staff. Thank you for a good product.
Marc Lucas
We have been using RAYNET since 2018 for our food division "Caviar Club" and it has enabled us to grow exponentially fast over the last couple of years. We are particularly impressed with their level of customer support, even though we would like to see a few more customization options in the program for the future.
Christoph Jurkuhn
The RAYNET CRM is highly adaptable, we can do many things without asking a developer and for a good price. We sell in different regions, with 4 different currencies, through resellers, distributors, also directly to customers. So for us, it is a useful feature that our quotes have different templates, everything can be done through the templates. It's One system that does all sales-related processes. Whenever someone updates something in the RAYNET CRM we get notified, for example, a new lead or deal. Far better than spreadsheets and easier to use than other CRMs.
Semyon Sivyankov
It has everything the sales team needs in one place – from the address book to deals. Also, the intuitive design is very important for us, so even people who struggle with new technologies can start using this CRM software pretty quickly. Seems like an ideal solution for small to mid-size companies. All the information is well connected and thanks to analysis tools you have a good overview of where your company (or sales team) stands and what you can expect from the next period. The automatically generated contracts help too. When using templates, it’s possible to fully customize how they look and the information you need is automatically filled in.
Steve Ward
We are a car dealership and have been using Raynet CRM since 2015. We chose it for its entry level pricing and that its basic functionality satisfied our CRM requirements at the time. This remains the case today.
Jan Cadil
I have been using the RAYNET CRM system for over a year now. It is a very quick and easy system to use and it is making my work a lot easier. Also, I am very happy with customer service as well – every minor issue was sorted out very quickly. 10/10 for these guys!
Delia Smutny
I use RAYNET all day long… This CRM makes my life so much easier.
Milan Juřík
RAYNET CRM is efficient and easy to set up. We did not have to wait months for analyses and implementation. And that is unusual in the corporate world.
Ladislav Eberl
RAYNET is a CRM system with advanced features. Thanks to the wide range of settings, we've adapted it directly to our business needs and production control. + Great customer support.
Martina Matějů
After a bad experience with a competing CRM system, we were skeptical and did not want to hear about any other CRM. But thanks to RAYNET's trial, where we could try out all the features, we were surprised and now we have been using it for over a year and we are happy. It is simple, intuitive, integrates with other programs we use every day, constantly improving.
Miroslav Cankař
User-friendly environment, nice interface and fast functionality. For the purpose of managing customer relationships in the field of small to medium-sized carriers, I can recommend RAYNET. You will not need anything else.
Vladimír Klíma
I use RAYNET in several companies and I cannot imagine doing business without it. Everything we need is in one place, easy to find across the company. RAYNET really saves our costs and nerves, and I can honestly recommend it.
Pavel Horský
Raynet is our 3rd CRM system and we cannot recommend it enough for its simplicity and clarity when it comes to the overview of deals in progress or their individual stages. The overall performance reports on individual sales reps and their performance over time are great, along with performance reports on the whole company, products, and relevant activities. I give an A+ to the customer support team.
Petr Rubáček
CRM from RAYNET is sophisticated and works perfectly. It took us a while to find the right configuration. But that is great - everyone can customize RAYNET so it fits their needs.
Daniel Rajnoch
For our fast-growing business, we were looking for a tool that would enable us to manage our sales process efficiently, enable us to increase our business reach, and thus make more business opportunities. Thanks to RAYNET we have all client's records in one central location. Last but not least: RAYNET's team really love their work - so it's worth working with them.

Customer satisfaction survey with RAYNET CRM users

In March 2015, 111 clients participated in a detailed customer satisfaction survey.

Why did they choose RAYNET?

53 %
Easy to use
28 %
23 %

Biggest benefits

41 %
Transparent transactions
13 %
Data centralization
11 %
Streamlining operations


91 %
of clients agree that RAYNET CRM streamlined their business.
82 %
of clients that have experience with other CRM programs stated that RAYNET CRM is the best one.
78 %
of both current and past clients would recommend RAYNET CRM to other businesses.

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