CRM for Small Business

Thanks to RAYNET, small businesses build stronger relationships with clients and partners, manage orders in a more organized way, and have control over sales growth.

These companies already use RAYNET
Know your clients like the back of your hand
Find the information you need to know about your clients all in one place. Contacts, quotes, and everything you've discussed in person, on the phone, and by email. This makes it easier for you to do business and strengthen your customer relationships.
Crystal clear overview of the business
In the CRM system, you have an overview of which deals are underway, what is being discussed with clients, and how much money you can get from each deal. You can see how your business is doing in black and white through easy-to-read analyses.
A calendar with a mind of its own
In the RAYNET calendar, you can link events to specific accounts and deals. You know right away who you're dealing with and what you are to discuss, and for instance, you can easily click your way to the account's history. So throw deadlines out the window, RAYNET will take care of them for you.
Fine-tune RAYNET to fit your needs
Not satisfied with the layout of the fields in the interface? No problem, you can customize it all in the settings. Maybe you can add your own optional fields for each account or take advantage of the dozens of downloadable add-ons and teach RAYNET some new tricks.
Small Business
I love RAYNET - even stubborn colleagues have been swayed by its ease of use. ;) Therefore, we have an overview of activities and numbers. I can call customer support at any time - they will advise, explain and arrange everything with a smile on their face. The whole team and the Sales Director go above and beyond. They always find the time and space to deal with problems and situations specific to us. They hold amazing sales events and have a great sense of humor!
Anna Schwarz CEO, Novitim