RAYNET AI – doping allowed for all salespeople

RAYNET AI – doping allowed for all salespeople

What is RAYNET AI and where can I find her/him/it?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not new to us, we have been using it for quite some time. For example, it helps us scan business cards in our mobile app by automatically sorting information into categories. 

When considering how to incorporate AI, we’ve taken the needs of salespeople into account and selected the features that we know help them sell.

5 good reasons to use RAYNET AI

  1. Quick summary of boring long meetings: RAYNET AI makes it easy to generate a summary of lengthy meetings, which saves time and money. And also your nerves. 😀
  2. Overview of a client's business history: with features like Summary 360°, Summary in time, and Business summary, you can quickly get an overview of each client's business history. This leads to faster decision making and a better sales strategy. 💪
  3. Working with notes efficiently: RAYNET AI offers several tools for working with text in notes, such as a summary, text enhancement, spell check, creating emails and replies, or structuring text into paragraphs and bullet points.
  4. Mamma Mia!: get some assistance with translating into a variety of languages. The “Translate” feature will help you quickly convert your notes into Italian, for example. 🤌 🇮🇹
  5. Your own use case: how do you incorporate AI in your business practice? 

We are looking for examples of good practice

Využíváte AI ve svém podnikání a obchodu? A mohli bychom to vidět? 🙂

Do you use AI in your business and in sales? And could we take a look? 🙂

We are gathering examples of good practice to inspire our RAYNET community. If you would like to spread the word (or simply share your thoughts), please email us at goszler@raynet.cz. We'd love to pass on your experiences and ideas. It won't go without a reward. 😉