Connect your RAYNET CRM with third-party systems such as Google services or your own e-commerce platform. Don’t waste your time trying to understand an API connector, just send it over to your IT guy ;)

Google Calendar

Google contacts






Google Calendar lets you create, edit, and share one or more calendars. Simply link it to a RAYNET calendar.

It is a two-way integration. You can create and change your business activities not only in RAYNET but also in the Google Calendar environment.

Google contacts

Do you want to transfer contacts from RAYNET to your mobile? Try it by linking it to Google contacts.

Synchronization is one-way (contacts are transferred to your contacts from Google's RAYNET) and you can turn it on in a few clicks.

On your mobile device, just add your Google Account among your contact sources and that's it. Whenever you add a new contact to RAYNET, it will appear in Google contacts and your mobile phone as well.

Mailchimp is widely used marketing platform.

Integration allows you to transfer contacts from RAYNET to Mailchimp, and in the opposite direction transfer information about your campaigns. In RAYNET, you will be able to see what e-mail campaigns your customers received and how they responded.

iCal is a standard for exchanging calendar data (information about tasks, meetings, etc.) across online applications.

With iCal support, you can easily view the entire RAYNET calendar, such as:

  • iOS devices (iPhone)
  • Android devices
  • iCal (iPhone)
  • of MS Outlook

You turn on the connection simply. You paste your RAYNET code into the selected application and the calendar is transferred. is a system that identifies corporate visitors that come to your website, finds out what they were interested in, and provides verified contact information.

With this integration, new website visitors will be transferred from to RAYNET, including their contact information. If a visitor of your website is already in the RAYNET contact database, an event will be created for that visitor with the date and time of the visit.

Solidpixels is an online application where you can create a functional website without programming knowledge.

Solidpixels can link their web forms to Leads in RAYNET CRM. In form settings, just fill in the instance name, username (e-mail) and API key, and all submitted forms from the created site are automatically based on RAYNET as a name, last name, e-mail, phone and note.

Make is automation platform in which you can create relatively complex integration.

It enables you to create and run integration scenarios without the knowledge of programming that ensures data transfers between cloud applications. The scenarios are based on simple logic: "If this, then that."Using Make, RAYNET CRM can connect with a wide range of accounting and billing systems, ecommerce, project tools, etc.

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