Security and data protection

We have five specific guarantees that ensure everything you put into your RAYNET CRM is safe.
We take security seriously. See for yourself.

Physical data security (Data center)

The operation of RAYNET CRM is secured by one of the largest and most modern IT infrastructures in the world - Amazon Web Services (AWS). The AWS data centers rank among the best in physical and software security. They are able to withstand critical situations such as natural disasters, massive hacker attacks, electrical failure. Regular stress and penetration tests are a must.

Security in the app

In order to ensure data protection, it is necessary to make sure only authorized personnel have access to the individual groups of information.

  • The sole access to the app is protected by a unique username and password.
  • In addition, you can set two-factor authentication (Authy, Google Authenticator), expiration, or password quality (length, special characters, upper and lower case).
  • RAYNET CRM has a simple tool for the administration of user roles and groups. It enables you to define authorization for data access to individual users or groups of users.
  • All data transmission is encrypted by TLS protocol.

Data insurance

In the matter of data protection, we go further than the largest providers of ICT services. All data stored in the RAYNET Cloud CRM is insured against damage, theft or leakage up to the value of 5,000,000 CZK. The exclusive insurance policy was signed with international insurance company Colonnade.


Every day, we do a complete backup of all data and files. The backups are archived with at least a 14 day history.

We keep your data in line with GDPR

You store your client's data in RAYNET CRM in accordance with GDPR. We also guarantee this in the Privacy policy. RAYNET even includes a set of features to help you properly collect personal information about your clients.

ISO 27001

We protect your data in RAYNET CRM against potential cybercrime, personal data breach, misuse, theft, and virus attack. We have obtained ISO 27001 certification for the systematic and legislatively correct classification of large amounts of information. By following this standard, we guarantee data security and reduce the risk of any leakage of sensitive information.

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