CRM for Enterprise

The implementation of Raynet does not cost millions and does not take years, as is the case with "big" systems. In addition, thanks to our dedication, traders really utilize Raynet to the fullest. And they love it!

These companies already use RAYNET
Automations and custom integrations
RAYNET can be easily connected to a wide range of third-party tools and systems including accounting and billing systems, online stores, project management tools, bulk email apps, and last but not least Google, Apple, and Microsoft services.
Extremely efficient implementation including team training
We are happy to hear you out, get an idea of your needs, and propose solutions on how to use RAYNET in the most efficient way possible in your line of business. And then we'll have RAYNET up and running in a matter of minutes.
Security settings
An important part of data protection is that only authorized parties have access to each group of information. RAYNET includes a simple tool for managing user roles and groups. It allows you to assign data access permissions to specific user groups as well as on a completely individual basis.
Thanks to RAYNET, we can cover the entire business process. From calling the first meeting to invoicing, we record everything very clearly for individual clients. The application is very intuitive, so after a few hours of work, even novices will find their way around it. The connectivity of RAYNET with other applications using APIs is also perfect, as it is easier and more flexible filtering and, of course, excellent customer support.
Martina Vondracek Head of Administration and Operations, LANDMARK PROFIT