CRM for Real Estate Agents

RAYNET assists real estate agents and property managers with keeping records of available properties and prospective buyers. And in addition to all that, it calculates your commission.

These companies already use RAYNET
You know right away who you're dealing with and what is to be discussed
In RAYNET, you can clearly label each client and quickly find out who you are dealing with when buying, selling, or renting. All clients are recorded in an intuitive directory.
Every meeting, email or phone call is saved in your history
For each client, you will find everything you have ever discussed with them, whether in person, over the phone, or by email. This way you have all the client's documents together in one place and an idea of their potential for future business.
Well-arranged business dashboard
On the business dashboard, you can see how many orders you have pending, how much money they can generate in the form of commissions, or what stage they are at. For example, you know right away whether a property inspection has yet to take place or a contract is already in the making.
Well-organized properties and prospective buyers
RAYNET's "Projects" feature will improve your overview of the properties you offer and the parties interested in them. For each house or apartment, you can easily view all interested parties along with their contact details. You can also keep tabs on your referral agents.
Mobile app for working on the go
With just a few clicks, you can connect to RAYNET from your phone or tablet through an app. Thanks to this, you can manage clients and properties while waiting for a meeting or during your coffee break at the gas station.
Real Estate Agents
With RAYNET, we always have our client data with us. Thanks to the fantastic mobile app, our brokers have a detailed overview of the client, of the activities that have already taken place or are scheduled. The company's management can then see how each broker is doing and how many real estate cases they have in the pipeline, even including profitability.
Jan Novotny Real estate consultant, executive, QARA