CRM for Financial Advisors

RAYNET is a user-friendly tool for managing your client agenda. It allows advisors to provide better services and increase their revenue.

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Get to know your clients inside out
As a financial advisor, you need to collect heaps of data about your clients. With RAYNET, you can easily navigate the sea of client information. Utilize the optional fields to record everything you need to know about your clients: personal details, contact information, or even hobbies.
Detailed overview of products pending
You can monitor the sales of financial products better by keeping track of the current transaction stage. You will know what commission is in play and whether you are doing well in the mortgage or car insurance field.
Comprehensive client history
With RAYNET, you will be able to see everything you have ever discussed with a client as clear as day, whether in meetings, over the phone, or by email. Has the client mentioned that they are considering a business loan in addition to a mortgage in the future? Make a note of this and you can bring it up at your next meeting.
Forgotten contract renewal deadlines are a thing of the past
RAYNET will remind you of the upcoming contract anniversary in advance, so you can contact your clients in time for the contract renewal and keep the ball rolling. You can set reminders for any document or event and keep all the dates and times off your mind
Financial Advisors
It has been 5 years since we added our first client to RAYNET. And since then, RAYNET has come a long way, adding a lot of new features and tweaks, and I believe that it will continue on this path and we will stay by its side. To sum it up, working with RAYNET is simple, intuitive and most importantly RAYNET is kind of like a yogi - every company can bend it how and where they please.
Eva Pustelnik Property insurance specialist, CHP