CRM for Servicing purposes

RAYNET helps you keep track of products that need servicing. Stay on top of technician call-outs and feedback. Improve the customer experience and keep customers coming back.

These companies already use RAYNET
Neat and tidy client list
All your client data will finally be well organized, whether it's contact information, the purchase date of a product, or information you've discussed over the phone. This way you will know when to offer what service to whom.
Know what's been sold and what condition it's in
With a CRM, you have an overview of individual deals. You can see if you have already discussed a specific product with a client or if an offer has already been sent out - all in one place. In the case of sold products, you can record detailed information about the products' condition, servicing performed, or the end of the warranty period.
Improve your overview of each servicing performed
You will see each servicing order in RAYNET on a separate dashboard. You can then quickly check out who is providing the servicing, for how much money, and what stage the servicing is currently at. What's more, you can generate a service order form straight from here in just two clicks.
A calendar that makes call-outs easier
You can easily plan who, when and where to visit the customer and add new information or photos to the CRM system after the visit - directly from your phone. You can also differentiate between paid servicing and servicing covered by the warranty.
Configure the data you need to track
You can customize the CRM software to suit your needs. Is it important for you to track the end of the warranty, the serial number of the product, or something completely different? Whatever the specifics, RAYNET can handle it all.
Servicing purposes
Before the start of the cooperation, we paid close attention to the selection and comparison of offers on the market. Why did we choose RAYNET CRM? RAYNET is very intuitive and user friendly. The initial implementation was easy and straightforward. Technical support is fast and accurate. For our salespeople, keeping the agenda in RAYNET CRM is not a burden. On the contrary, in our six-year history of using the system, it has benefited from the information entered in the past. And the company's management has a better overview of the sales department.
Petr Odehnal Business Manager, PILART