RAYNET + Mobile =

The only thing you need to remember . . .
. . . is to charge your battery ;)

Developed for field work

Mobile RAYNET makes it easier for you to manage your call schedule, meet deadlines and navigate your way to appointments. No piece of paper can do that.


Complete info about your clients

Everything you enter into RAYNET CRM will also be available in the mobile app – including all documents, attachments, meeting minutes, and anything else you need.

Calls / texts / emails

Forget about retyping contacts. Basic functions are available in just one click.


No more wandering around with an address written on a piece of paper. Just open the navigation system with one simple click.


Reminders for activities and tasks are just the beginning.

In one simple click, you can:

  • Find out the name of the person you are meeting.
  • Call them or send a text.
  • Open the navigation to look up the meeting point.
  • Check out the activity history with the client.
  • Go through the notes for the meeting.
  • Or take a look at orders from the past year.


Business management in the field.

You can manage and create new business opportunities right from your cell phone. And that includes product calculations.

Add that business opportunity worth $10,000 to your CRM on the way back from the meeting. And you’re all set for the Monday briefing.

Something extra

Photography and voice recording

Attach pictures and voice notes in the CRM system directly to a specific account or meeting minute. A quick note from your car journey, a picture of a full whiteboard, or of a client’s front door - all available in RAYNET in a matter of seconds.


Don’t worry about missing something. The mobile app will send you notifications about everything that is important to you.


You can use the full-text search function even on your cell phone. A colleague added a new inquiry? Just 5 seconds and you have it in front of you.

Upload your photos
and voice notes

Have you ever taken a picture of a full whiteboard or flipchart after a meeting with a client? Discover how you can move the image from your cell phone to RAYNET in just a couple of taps. The same goes for voice notes.

Try RAYNET for yourself!

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