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Agel Walmark Akcenta Jurek ami
Martina Munstrova

"The RAYNET CRM system is simple, smart and surprisingly appealing."

Martina Munstrova

Kamil Bostik

"Transferring to the new system was definitely worth it! I cannot really imagine that my colleagues and I would return to a time before RAYNET CRM."

Kamil Bostik

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Summer news: View attachment's preview with single click

This is the end of unnecessary file download into your computer! You can now view important attachment directly in preview - without having to download anything. There are more updates for you ready though. We are also introducing a new analysis and an improved contact synchronization for iPhones.

Business dashboard now brings a new view on open Business deals

Thanks to the new Business dashboard, you can now move open Business deals forward or close them. You will gain a quick overview of the number and value of Business deals in individual stages.

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