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What RAYNET CRM is all about

Smart Business
Your Business Under Control
App with
GPS Navigation
Your Business Under Control
RAYNET CRM shows you what's going on in your business. Who, with whom, for how much, and when. Raynet can answer all these questions in a matter of seconds. You will have a complete view of what's at play.
App with GPS Navigation
Have the entire CRM agenda with you on the go. Use speech recognition on your phone to write a summary of a meeting, or take advantage of the integrated GPS navigation, so you are right where you need to be at any given time.
Smart Business Calendar
Link each business calendar entry to a specific contact or deal. Nothing gets lost and the calendar reminds you when it's time to go to a meeting or make a call.
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What do people that use RAYNET CRM on the daily have to say about us

Ladislav Eberl
RAYNET is really powerful at CRM. Thanks to its wide range of customization options, we have tailored it specifically for our sales and production management needs. One of its advantages is that unused features do not get in the way and the whole system is simple and does what it is supposed to. + Great customer support.
Jaroslav Pultar
Pultar and Partners
We are a family-owned company that takes care of our clients' finances. RAYNET has helped us step up the quality of customer service by leaps and bounds. Better work organization, activity planning, task delegating, all key information at hand. RAYNET has a great support team. I do not understand how we could have lived without RAYNET!
Radmila Pospisilova
We chose RAYNET because of its simplicity and nice design. It is so intuitive that training a new employee takes only 5 minutes. It saves me time, that's important.

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