Improve your business processes in a few clicks

Leave the repetitive activity creation process up to RAYNET
Automate your routine tasks and work more efficiently. This will give you more time to make strategic decisions and boost your results.
Leads will not slip through your fingers
With automated notifications, you will be alerted every time a new lead or account lands in your CRM system and have a task sent straight to your calendar reminding you to send them a quote.
You will never forget to renew a contract
RAYNET will remind you ahead of time of the upcoming contract expiration date, so you can contact your clients in time for the contract renewal. Set reminders for any document, deal or event.
Give our pre-made templates a try
We have prepared more than 50 templates to make it even easier for you. They allow you to quickly and easily run automations tailored to your needs, and if you have your own ideas or specific requirements, you can create completely custom automations using the intuitive editor.
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RAYNET automations?
Start automating for free

Simple automations that perform just a few actions are free as part of your RAYNET CRM monthly subscription. If you want to create more complex automations, select one of our automation plans.

runs per month
3 000
runs per month
10 000
runs per month
Need more?
No problem.
We will charge you $3 for every additional 1,000 runs.

*Do you want to exceed the automation limit? We will charge you $3 for every additional 1,000 runs.

1 run = is every single automation execution in which at least one action is successfully completed, for example, a new record is created, or an email is sent.

Try out automations in RAYNET CRM
RAYNET is free for 30 days along with 50 automation runs.