Best of 2020 - from RAYNET CRM

2020 was a crazy year, but we certainly didn’t just sit around. RAYNET CRM saw more than 600 new improvements and features, and we’ve also modernized the design. If you didn’t have time to follow all the changes, this video and article will summarise the most important ones.

1.More user-friendly calendar

Starting last December, we’ve made the calendar even faster and cleaner, with a new color pallet which better distinguishes the individual activities, as well as several other new features.

Clicking an activity in the calendar now displays a preview. You can see at a glance what the activity relates to, who has been invited, and where it will take place without having to click multiple times. There are also several quick actions available, like Done, Cancel and Move.

If, due to security concerns your company restricts the display of calendar events for some users, then now it’s possible to see the busy times without specific names. This significantly simplifies planning meetings.


2. New design - stage two

Last year, most of RAYNET received a fresh and cleaner design.

Our main objective was to make the CRM easier to work with. We’ve added:

  • An expandable menu giving you a larger workspace.
  • An editable wall with 4 new panels.
  • New administration with a clean look.
  • Color-coded event previews in History.

Besides that, underneath the hood, you will find the most recent technologies making the app even faster, more stable, and safer.

For more information about stage two of the new design, see the following article

3. Custom templates

Since December, RAYNET lets you create custom templates for Quotes and Deals. You have a choice of ready-to-use templates, or you can create new ones from scratch. This feature is convenient for example for subsidiaries, using the same CRM but requiring different Deals.


You can create the custom templates in Word and use special text tags in places where RAYNET data is to be inserted. More about this feature here.

4. Lead transfer

We have added other time-saving improvements. Such as being able to transfer a lead to a new client in a single step, creating a Deal or a Task. For more information on how to do this, see the user guide.

5. Hide optional fields

To simplify navigation in the CRM, you can now hide the custom fields. Any optional fields not required in your workflow can be hidden, giving you a cleaner workspace. To do this, select Settings on the Custom Fields tab and choose which panels you want to display. The details can be found in the user guide.

Plans for this year

  • We are preparing a new generation of list views, with better filtering.
  • Reports will be tweaked and a new sales funnel performance report added. At the same time, the Business Board will receive a new breath-taking design.
  • The overall customization possibilities of RAYNET will be significantly enhanced.

What’s next:

  • workflow module for process automation,
  • agenda setup – which do you want to use and how,
  • as part of this setup, you can determine which attributes are mandatory (and when)
  • new types of custom fields will be added.
  • And finally, something really exciting – we have plans to release a new mobile app competing for the global title of the most elegant and user-friendly mobile CRM. :)