RAYNET CRM has a new look

RAYNET has taken another step on the path to a new design. On Thursday we will release the new version. Check out the changes in the video!

Visually, a lot has changed this time and we realize that all changes in the tool - which you have been already using for some time - hurts a bit. On behalf of RAYNET, we promise that we do everything so that every change means higher effectiveness or simplifying of work at the same time.

Also, 150 users have been using the "new RAYNET" for the last 2 weeks, and we have already incorporated their suggestions for improvements into Thursday's version so that your experience is as good as possible.

Let's see what has changed.

1 - Expandable Menu

The navigation menu got a new look. It can be hidden in a more compact form. This will give you more space for your data. This will be appreciated especially by users with a smaller display width.

2 - Brand new Dashboard

We have also changed the Dashboard, where you will find brand new user panels.


3 - New AppSettings

We have redesigned the entire Settings, the appearance of which is now much clearer. Here, some things work a little differently than before.

4 - New technologies

Newly used technologies that come with the new look will help us in the further development of RAYNET. The application will be faster, more stable, and more secure.

We brought the first changes to the RAYNET CRM design in the autumn of last year, now we are continuing and we hope that RAYNET 2.0 will be ready by the spring of 2021 at the latest. In this article, you can see more under the cover of the whole project.