How to Use LINKEDIN’s Social Selling Index Like for Your Business

How to Use LINKEDIN’s Social Selling Index Like for Your Business

Salespeople use LinkedIn to build their brand and reach potential clients through social selling. Find out how you're doing on the network and whether your activities are getting you the results you want with the LinkedIn Social Selling Index. With one click, it shows you how you're doing compared to other users.

Find out how you stand on LinkedIn

The LinkedIn Social Selling Index is a numerical representation of how well you are doing on LinkedIn. It shows you how your activities on this professional network are driving sales and how you stack up against other users in your industry.

It is a free tool that allows any LinkedIn user to check their position on the network. Just click on the link

The Social Selling Index shows you your current position

The index value ranges from 0 to 100. It is considered very good if you get above 70 points. The average LinkedIn user scores somewhere between 20 and 50.

The index is calculated over the past 90 days and is constantly updated. So you know immediately where you stand and how your activities are helping you improve your score.

4 areas assessed by the Social Selling Index

The Social Selling Index is based on four pillars that are measured separately. You can achieve a maximum of 25 points in each, the sum of which gives the total value of the index.

The four areas are:

  • building your professional brand - the correct and complete profile is assessed, i.e. whether you have a profile photo, a completed work history, references,
  • finding relevant contacts - measures how you find relevant contacts and use paid tools like Sales Navigator to make finding new connections more efficient,
  • engagement with your network - this looks at whether you are creating relevant content that is useful to your followers, that generates user interaction and discussion under your posts, and assesses the reach of your posts, how many comments, reactions and shares you have,
  • building strong relationships - assessing whether you connect with decision makers in the industry and how you respond to connection requests.

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How the index shows you what to improve on your LinkedIn

So the LinkedIn Social Selling Index will quickly show you how you're doing in these four areas on LinkedIn and which one you need to boost. For example:

  • fill in the profile and all fields completely,
  • connect with relevant and important people, respond to connection requests,
  • create or share quality and relevant content that supports your position as an expert,
  • interact, comment and reply to comments, share others' posts,
  • use paid tools like Sales Navigator and all the features it offers.

By updating the index regularly, you can instantly see how each activity adds points to your overall score.

Social Selling Index will boost your business

A higher index value will guarantee you a better position on the network and in the business. The higher your score, the more reach your LinkedIn posts will allow. It will better connect you with important people in your industry or in the industry of a potential client. It will also help you show yourself as an expert and authority in your field.

This can open the door to more business for you. In fact, LinkedIn data shows that marketers with a higher Social Selling Index have a higher number of sales opportunities and are more successful in closing deals.