Explore new RAYNET CRM features: Visibility Tree and other improvements

Explore new RAYNET CRM features: Visibility Tree and other improvements
We're bringing you a bunch of new features that we've added to RAYNET in the last few months. Apart from the Visibility Tree, you can now view the History of record changes or use the Smart Launcher feature for easier searching.

1. Visibility Tree 🌳👥

This is a new tool for administrators who need to set up which information users can access. It will become available to you if you have 10 or more users.

The main advantage of the Visibility Tree is the option to create a hierarchical permission structure in the company, where you can group users according to what they have or do not have access to.

To use the Visibility Tree, simply open the application Settings and in the Security section, select ACTIVATE.


Don't worry, this is just a quick preview. You can learn about this feature in detail in our knowledge base tutorial.

2. History of record changes 🕐📋

As an administrator, you can now view the history of all changes made by users in your CRM account up to six months back.

The history can be found in the application Settings under Security. Use the quick filters above the list to narrow down your search. Finding out which records a colleague has recently modified is now a breeze.


You can also access the latest changes via the record detailed card of the record you are interested in (e.g., Account, Deal, etc.). Specifically, by clicking on the three dots, then on Security and the Show history of changes button. Here you will find information about what kind of change has been made, when, and by which user.


3. Quick search with the Smart Launcher feature 🔍

The new and improved Smart Launcher search is similar to Spotlight, which you may be familiar with from Mac. In addition to searching, it allows you to move faster through the CRM system – from creating and opening a record to going to Settings immediately.

To access the Smart Launcher, click the full-text search box in the main menu or press the SHIFT key twice. ⌨️ *shift, shift* When searching, the search engine will autocomplete related results and you can either choose one of them or view the full list of results in a maximized window.

Plus, it knows shortcuts. Check out the search results when you enter the word Deal, for example. 👇


4. Changing the Activity type 🔄

Have you noticed that creating a new Activity is even quicker now? When you create an Activity from the calendar, the creation window now opens right away. The activity type that has been used last will be set as the default activity type when creating a new activity. (e.g., Meeting or Task). This can of course be changed at any time.


Even after saving, you can modify the Activity type later on the record detailed card. If you already have the record card filled out when creating the activity, after changing the Activity type, the environment will be adapted to the currently selected Activity type. The filled in fields and participants will remain. 


5. Scanning business cards into Leads 🎫📲

Do you scan business cards via our mobile app? Try scanning, for example, the footer of an email. Once you've scanned the data and confirmed it's sorted correctly, you can choose to save it as a Contact, Account, or newly as a Lead.

The mobile app has also gone through some improvements:

  • Open URLs from your CRM system – you can now open any record in your mobile app via a link from the CRM system (for example, from a notification email).
  • It is now possible to export a quote with product pictures/descriptions in PDF format from the Quote detail.

More new features in the CRM system:

  • Custom report templates for all Activity types – now you can create a custom report specifically for a Task, Meeting, Event or even a Phone Call.
  • ​​Scheduling activities one after another – we've added the option to schedule activities on after another to list views, even for multiple users at the same time.
  • Disabling Quotes and Sales Orders – not using Quotes or Sales Orders in RAYNET? An administrator can remove them so that these records are hidden across the entire CRM system.

And we're about to launch something big 🔥 that will take your productivity to the next level. We're fine-tuning the details with early adopters and will let you know more soon. #automations-coming-soon