Introducing the new and improved sales process structure

Introducing the new and improved sales process structure
Quotes and Sales Orders are coming to RAYNET! Although Quotes have been a record type in the CRM system for quite some time, they will now work a bit differently. Track only what is important when quoting your customers, and use Sales Orders to store shipping information, invoicing information and more.

After your feedback, we have decided to change the name of the record type "Quote" in RAYNET CRM. The functionality of this record type corresponds more to the term “Sales Order” – a document that confirms the terms of a transaction between a buyer and seller. Fill out the invoicing information and the delivery information required for the final sale and use this record as an internal document for keeping track of your customers’ orders, or export it, send it to your customers and use it as a “purchase order” that you place on behalf of your customer. That is up to you. RAYNET has many customization options that offer you almost unlimited possibilities when it comes to your sales process.

Another change that has been incorporated is the addition of a new record type that has taken on the original name of the record type we have renamed – “Quote”. These records do not contain invoicing and delivery information fields by default (though you can add anything you need through custom fields). They are mostly centered around the quoted price and status. There is also a panel at the bottom of the Quote detail for creating sales orders.

Tip: Create sales orders for the quotes your customers accept; ones that lead to the final order of goods or services.


Some of our users also let us know that they prefer to handle their whole sales process through deal stages only (e.g.,Prospecting, Identifying Needs, Quote Sent, Order Placed, Before Closing), or the type of business they do does not really require using quotes or sales orders at all, so we have decided to let our users disable Quotes and Sales Orders in record settings whenever they want. (This can only be done by administrators.) This has been possible with Projects for some time and now we are adding even more customization options!



Important: Please note that these changes will affect your current exports and Custom Templates (including the “Send quote by email” feature) so make sure you check every document you export or send to your customers to prevent any misunderstandings. We know this is quite a big change so if you need help with anything, please contact us at

This might all seem a bit confusing, but bear with us, we promise this change will be a good thing in the long run when all your records are properly linked and you can see your entire sales process in front of you from the very beginning all the way to the end.