RAYNET design changes: new windows for creating records

The first wave of fundamental changes is here. You will find new windows for creating records in RAYNET now.

About a year ago we started designing a new RAYNET CRM design. The goal is clear. Make the most of what we were able to recharge in 8 years and move RAYNET a light year ahead. 

We understand that making changes to the tool you use on a daily basis is sensitive. But we truly believe that you will be as enthusiastic about the changes as we are and will quickly get under your skin. More than 150 RAYNET users who volunteered to test have been using the new windows for two weeks. And their feedback is very positive.

It is a pleasant move forward. Personally, I think that creating records has been simplified through greater clarity. Petr Mihok, G-DROID SOLUTIONS

We would also like to hear your comments on the changes. You can write to us at support@raynetcrm.com.