We are working on a new design

We are working on a new design
We started working on a new RAYNET design about a year ago. The goal is clear - to use everything we have learnt on our journey over the past 8 years in the best possible way and push RAYNET forward by a light year! We are going to start slowly applying the first changes within the next few days and everything will be completed by autumn 2020!

Schedule – What and when?!

  1. Within the next few days, RAYNET will undergo slight changes in graphics to adopt a more modern style. You may not notice it at first glance, though. 

    We only modified the icons, the button graphics and some other minor elements. Nothing too dramatic. 

    We tried to give the system graphics a younger look and prepare it for more significant changes at the same time
  2. A complete upgrade of dialogue windows will be launched in about a month. This means changes in windows such as creating a new client and business deal, and meeting scheduling for instance. It won't be possible to overlook this improvement unless you have your eyes closed. ;)  


  3. RAYNET 2.0 will be fully released in about a year from now. We will gradually improve all parts of  RAYNET in 2 or 3 iterations - from the record card details to the list views or the calendar. We will do our best to make the new look breathtaking. ;)

Why did we start developing RAYNET 2.0?

 We have encountered hundreds of amazing companies and processed thousands of customer requests in the 8 years of our company's existence. We tried to get the most both from your feedback and from following global CRM solutions and we were able to constantly move RAYNET forward thanks to that. 

However, with the current version, it is not possible to implement essential improvements that would change the way of working with CRM and neither is it possible to make the work of the majority of users more efficient. We refuse to accept this fact. 

At the same time, we would like to give RAYNET a new, clean, and modern look. A design that will make working with RAYNET easier and improve user-friendliness significantly. We want RAYNET to be easier to use than... a toothbrush.

We are well aware that any change of a tool that people are already familiar with can be a bit painful. On behalf of all RAYNET staff, we promise that we are doing our best so that every change means improvement or simplification of work.

Behind the scenes…

For those interested, we would like to share a little bit of how the RAYNET 2.0 design is being created. 


You can see a user framework prototype in the picture - a so-called wireframe. Specifically, a form to create a new client. It underwent more than 20 proposed iterations before it reached its final look. 

We put everything, all our know- how, into the prototypes - from what our clients tell us to what we notice from other software solutions. Lately, we have been following a group of about 20 tools that have been considered top innovations or leaders in their fields. We are comparing how they solve the scenarios that we are currently (re)designing and we are doing our best to make our tools even better in the end. This is also one of the reasons why we love our field - on the level of innovations, it is possible to compete even with the global giants. 

Graphics design creation, development, testing and tuning comes after the prototype stage.

This is how the final result can look. A new form for Meeting creation to be specific: