7 Essential Qualities Of A Good Salesperson

7 Essential Qualities Of A Good Salesperson

There is no one-size-fits-all guide to being a successful trader. Everyone has a different trading style, different personality traits and different experiences. But there are certain characteristics that unite most great traders.

1. Good salespersons are confident

Salesperson need to believe their product is great and pass their enthusiasm on to their customers. But you can't do that without confidence. Confidence grows with how well a salesperson knows their product and their customers. The more arguments they have, the easier it is to sell.

2. Good salespersons actively listen

Hard sell hasn't been flying for a long time. The best salespeople are empathetic, actively listen, and talk less in meetings than the potential client. Learn to ask relevant questions of the client and take a genuine interest. Only when you get to know the client will you know if and how your product or service will help them.

3. Good salespersons don't sell, they help

The client in the meeting must not have the impression that you have come to sell them something. Be there first and foremost to educate, consult and look for ways to help the client. That's how you best establish rapport, instill trust, and even if you don't end up selling anything, you'll leave a good impression that can lead to other and bigger jobs in the future.

4. Good salespersons master multitasking

Salesperson never deal with just one order. They have deals they're trying to close, leads they're trying to move on, or happy clients they're keeping in touch with. That's why salespeople must be true masters of time management.

Keeping a clear head can help you maintain a CRM where you keep track of all client and order data and have a calendar created for your salespeople.

5. Good salespersons offer added value

Thanks to the easy availability of information, most potential clients today have a much better knowledge and can easily find out everything about your products. That's why salespeople need to have a consultant's mindset, so they don't just repeat information on the company website, but can advise the potential client on their situation.

6. Good salespersons are honest

Experienced salespeople know that it is not good to try to sell at any cost. If they sell a client a product or service that will do more work than good for them, it can negatively affect future cooperation and business with other customers. If a salesperson finds that their product does not help the client, they should tell them honestly and recommend other solutions if necessary.

7. Good salespersons are optimistic

A salesperson has to be able to cope with losing, even several losses in a row, which not every person can do. The work environment also plays a key role. An experienced sales manager does not put pressure on traders because of losing cases, but tries to help and support them. If you as a salesperson work in a toxic environment where failure is not tolerated, consider working elsewhere.