Use of CRM in marketing: optimize campaigns and deepen relationships with clients

Use of CRM in marketing: optimize campaigns and deepen relationships with clients
Marketing without data is like shooting at a target blindfolded. You don't know who is listening to what, how you will get it, or what results your efforts have had. Marketers can build their own databases and collect data, or they can work with marketers to take full advantage of CRM together. In this way, marketing gets valuable data and business gets relevant clients.

In CRM, you have all the information about clients and leads that you can use to create great campaigns. Retrospectively, you can also see their success in one system, and next time you can tune them out even more. CRM is a powerful tool not only for business, but also for advertising campaigns.

Read how you can use CRM in marketing:

Create personalized, tailored content

When you know your audience, you can serve them what they want. Use data from CRM and build them content based on what clients are interested in. Precisely targeted campaigns are more effective and will bring you better results. In addition, they strengthen the relationship with your customers, who perceive that you know them and do not send them unnecessary things.

In the campaign results in CRM, you will also see what to do better next time. Or what you can do to attract new leads that can become new customers - thanks to the cooperation of marketers and traders.

We wrote about generating leads and moving them through the sales funnel here.

Segment your audience into groups

It doesn't pay to organize blanket raids on all clients. Different people have different needs and are in different stages of the sales cycle. Yes, you will reach some with a message, but others will throw it in the trash along with all the others that come their way.

That's why segmentation is important. It's easy in CRM - thanks to all the data, you just need to filter out, for example, contacts with whom you did business this year, but haven't been in contact with in the last month. Within a minute you have a ready database to which you can send a personalized offer.

CRM and e-mailing

Data in CRM is not only used to create a database. You can easily connect the system to an e-mailing tool and make the entire mailing process even easier. You can export the filtered contacts directly to the mailing tool by clicking the button and you're done. In no time, the campaign flies to those people who can be interested.

Your contacts are always up to date. You don't have to worry about forgetting to add someone to the database. You always write to everyone you choose from the CRM - including contacts that were added to it, for example, yesterday.

Automate your marketing processes and make your work easier

In addition to the mailing tool, you can connect CRM with other systems and automate routine work. For example, after integrating with the Make automation platform, you can create scenarios in the logic of "When something happens, do something".

Not only that, you don't have to constantly export and import contacts between CRM and email. You set up that different activities in CRM trigger different campaigns and email sequences. You don't do anything manually and you are sure that all important messages will reach their destination.

In addition, everyone in the team can see the communication history. For example, the salesperson knows which campaign went to the client and what he can follow up on during the meeting.

Measure campaign success and marketing performance

Thanks to CRM, you not only prepare a great campaign, but also evaluate it more easily. As soon as the contact gets into your CRM, you already have an overview of it until the end of the business relationship. This means that you know about everyone, when and where you got it from - and that they actually bought from you only a year after the first contact following an advertising campaign. Without a CRM, you would lose track of the contact and not remember what brought them to you.

Sure, e-mailing tools can do the evaluation on their own. But if the data is transferred to CRM, you are one step ahead. You see not only the success of the marketing, but also the real impact on the business.

You know how a client reacted to the message, whether they opened it at all, or even inquired about the offered goods or services. You will quantify the value of e-mailing to the business, and you can continue to improve future ads based on the data.

Boost your marketing thanks to RAYNET CRM

You can only gain from cooperation between business and marketing. Specifically:

  • a better overview of leads and clients, so you better understand their behavior and prepare tailored campaigns for them,
  • thereby improving communication and strengthening relationships with them,
  • you will also be better able to respond to their needs,
  • so you increase customer loyalty
  • plus you'll get other valuable data and see what's worth investing in.

Do you have a CRM crammed with data but only use it for business so far? Let marketing enter it as well. And if you don't have a CRM at all yet, try RAYNET for 30 days for free and without obligation – although we think you'll love the system.