Summer news: View attachment's preview with single click

Summer news: View attachment's preview with single click
This is the end of unnecessary file download into your computer! You can now view important attachment directly in preview - without having to download anything. There are more updates for you ready though. We are also introducing a new analysis and an improved contact synchronization for iPhones.

1. Attachment preview

You can now preview text documents, tables, pictures and presentations. For the performance reasons, you can view only files up to a certain size - PDF with no limitations, pictures up to 15 MB, text files and tables up to 5 MB. If text files exceed 1 MB or charts files exceed 100 kB, only the first page will be shown.

RAYNET CRM - Attachment preview

2. New analysis: Sales estimate

A brand new analysis shows business deals in progress according to the estimate of their conclusion date. You can easily see what amounts are being discussed and which deals are about to be concluded in the next few months.

RAYNET CRM - Client location - Leads.png

3. Leads on maps

The map analysis has also been improved - you can now view Leads in it! Switch the view in the Filter panel to see Leads.

RAYNET CRM - Analysis - Sales Estimate

4. Google contact synchronization for iPhone

We have improved the contact transfer from RAYNET to iPhones through Google contacts. The transfer works automatically. If you enter a contact into RAYNET, it will appear in your phone within two minutes.

Setting it is easy. First, turn the contact synchronization on in your Personal profile settings in RAYNET. Then select second transfer option To an existing group "My Contacts".

Wait for synchronization and prepare your phone. Go into Settings - Contacts - Add account - and select the Google account which you have just entered in RAYNET. That is all.

Your contacts will be synchronized within a few minutes. However, the synchronization only works one way - only the data from RAYNET to iPhone are paired.

5. Mass edit at custom fields

The option of mass edit at custom fields has been added. It works the usual way. Press the Mass edit button in the list view. Select what you want to edit by dragging your mouse (or use CTRL or Shift) and edit a new value.

6. Product import to custom fields

When importing Products in RAYNET, you can now import data into custom fields. They can be found in the excel template.

7. Youtube in the social network list

You can now enter even Youtube channel for your clients in Contacts.

8. Export according to list view

The list view export into XLSX respects the column settings. Only the columns visible in RAYNET will be shown in the record export to XLSX.

9. Price with VAT column in Analysis

The table view in Analysis now shows a Price with VAT column.

10. You can see all participating Contacts in your client's history

Thanks to this function, you are provided with a better overview of all people participating on your sales.