Summer news: Registering parent and subsidiary companies

Summer news: Registering parent and subsidiary companies
The new version of RAYNET is still fresh and we want to highlight the hottest news of all. You can now register parent and subsidiary companies and link clients with each other.

#1 Linking clients

You must first turn on the panel for linking clients in the Settings. You can then enter the following relations in the client's card:

  • Parent company
  • One or more subsidiary companies
  • Also friendly companies, companies with the same owner etc.

RAYNET CRM - Account - Relation to other clients

In the next version we will further exploit this new feature, for instance, we plan to add it in Analysis.

#2 Easier meeting planning - filter by address

The advanced filter for activities can now search by address. This can come in handy when planning meetings at a specific place. You can simply choose meetings planned in Prague for August.

RAYNET CRM - Activity - Advanced Filter

#3 More options for activity reminder

You can now set the activity reminder for any date.

RAYNET CRM - Activity - Reminder

#4 Smarter options for activity repetition

It is possible to repeat activities, for example on every first Monday of the month.

RAYNET CRM - Activity - Recurrence

#5 Filter tasks by resolver

Tasks can be now filtered by their resolver. You can easily view all tasks which your colleague Mark is in charge of.

RAYNET CRM - Tasks - Resolver

#6 Expansion of import templates by greeting

You can now import your contacts to RAYNET even with the salutation column (e.g. "Good morning Jennifer"). It will be handy when sending the next company newsletter.