Spring news: Check on the map where you are successful

Spring news: Check on the map where you are successful
We have mastered the map basics and the first results are here! Apart from this change, Raynet CRM has a simpler design to go with the incoming spring.

Clients on a map

You can find a new analysis in the system - a geographical one this time. Many users were asking for the option of showing clients on a map. So we made it happen! You can see where either your current consumers, or the clients you have not talked to in a while, are. Then you can plan a "road trip" and pay your clients a visit. :-)

Selecting the foundation of the map proved to be the biggest challenge. Google, for instance, did not have an appropriate licence for us. We pursued our goals and discovered an ideal solution in the shape of Tripomatic from Brno.

We plan to have more map analyses in the future! We will be happy for other tips for improvements concerning maps.


New charts, user panel and activity planning

We have changed the design of all existing charts. We have modified the value view, made the calculations faster and improved the quality of the charts in all aspects.

RAYNET CRM - Chart - Sales Development by Representatives


The upper panel, the so-called toolbar, has been modified as well. Notifications, which were often overlooked, have now been made more noticeable. And do not forget to add a profile picture to your name so Raynet becomes more real and alive. :-)

RAYNET CRM - Upper panel


How do you work with activities? How do you close an activity??? In order to make it easier for new users, we have made activity evidence more effective and we mildly changed the activity detail. Now you can complete, plan or cancel an activity with a single click.

RAYNET CRM - Task - Status