Security: Two factor authentication in RAYNET

Security: Two factor authentication in RAYNET
RAYNET is even safer now. Two factor authentication provides better security but we also added an option of defining password strength and expiration, limiting password repetition and forced logout.

If you are administrators, you will find these new options in the Settings in the Login section. All users can enable two factor authentication on their own in theirprofile settings.

Two factor authentication

Due to two factor authentication, the RAYNET CRM will require a further authentication step when logging in: inserting a 6 digit code, which can be generated through your mobile phone, tablet, smart watch and other devices. Thanks to this function, no one can log into your account unless they physically have your device. You can enable this function in the user profile > Two factor authentication.

Zapnutí dvoufázové autentizace

Scan the QR code with your device and a short code which you use for activation will be generated. We recommend the Authy or Google Authenticator application for these purposes.

Backup codes will be shown after activation, save them in a safe place. You can use the codes in case of the loss of, or damage to, your device where the application for code generating is stored (e.g. Authy).

Password strength

You can set how strong your password and your colleagues' passwords need to be with this function. Choose how many characters a password needs to have and whether it must include characters other than lower case letters.