Top 5 Sales Trends to Follow in 2023

Top 5 Sales Trends to Follow in 2023

We live in a time when everything is changing fast and this is also true for sales. The most important business trends include digitalisation and automation, online communication, but also personalised offers and the desire to attract and retain existing customers and employees. Learn which business trends to focus on so you don't miss the train.

1. Value-based selling

Customers today are no longer going to let themselves be traded away. They don't want to be money machines and they know the tricks of the trade. To engage them, you need to convince them of the value that a product or service has for them specifically.

To do this, you first need to get to know the potential customer as well as possible, to discover their needs and wants. Accordingly, you serve them product information to convince them of its value. You need to be patient and not rush the sales call. First, you have to be sure that the client really wants and needs the product.

If you can do this, you will be rewarded with more effective sales. Because you don't randomly offer products to everyone, but to people who want them.

2. Personalisation

Once you know something about the customer, use it in all communications. If the client feels that you really know them and only speak to them, you will increase their loyalty. They will buy from you repeatedly or recommend you further.

How to get information about a potential client? Start by giving you a contact, perhaps by signing up for a newsletter. Then keep track of what interest them - for example, whether they open the newsletter, what articles they read or which products they view. Then, if you call, email or meet with them in a meeting, record all the information in your CRM.

3. Automation and digitalisation

Information gathering, lead generation and lead classification will be facilitated by automation. It will free salespersons from time-consuming routine tasks. They can focus on maintaining relationships with leads, nurturing them and preparing personalized offers. 

Digitalisation is also important. Notes about clients on slips of paper and stacks of paper documents and contracts are no longer worn. You can keep everything clearly in RAYNET CRM, which also helps you to schedule appointments, remind tasks or send follow-ups. It will also allow you to sign documents online, for example.

All of this will help you win over clients who are used to working in the online world and expect the same from you. You'll improve client service and their customer experience with you.

4. Social selling

Another business trend is related to the modernisation of technology. While traditional phone solicitation is on the decline, social selling is gaining momentum. It allows you to connect with potential customers via social networks. LinkedIn is mainly used in B2B, but other social networks also serve well.

Not only on LinkedIn do marketers build a network of contacts with whom they share interesting content. In addition, they engage in discussions and respond to others' posts. Potential clients are then targeted, but clients themselves can also simply reach out to them.

5. Motivating and rewarding salespeople

The most common reason why salespeople quit is that their employers and colleagues don't value them enough. Don't let a quality salesperson get away and allow them to grow. So don't forget to:

  • motivation and rewarding success,
  • support when things aren't going well,
  • but also quality onboarding, training and ongoing education.