New feature: Required Fields in RAYNET CRM

New feature: Required Fields in RAYNET CRM
In RAYNET, you can now set which fields your colleagues must fill in. This ensures that you have all the data you need for your business in your CRM. The new feature will hopefully help all forgetful colleagues.

We have also fixed the interface of Settings. We've added a new Records Settings item where we've unified the settings for Deals, Accounts, Leads, Tasks and other record types. We've divided the different types of settings for each function into several tabs.

For Required Fields, the Field settings tab is important, where you can find a simple overview of all your fields. It's where you select the Required Fields.


So if you select Contact Source or Email as the required field for Accounts, and then try to create a new Account, RAYNET won't let you do it until you fill out those fields.

Required Fields for specific stages of the deal

We've gone one step further with setting Required Fields for Deals. You can set at which stages of the Deal the field will be required to be filled in. For example, if you're a real estate agent and need to record the amount of the booking deposit on deals, you:

  • create a custom field with the Number type in the Recording Settings,
  • set the field as mandatory
  • and use the setting icon to select when it will be required (for example, at the Pre-Closing stage).

We recommend testing the Required Fields. Thanks to them, you will be sure that you are recording all the data in RAYNET that will come in handy when evaluating business processes. And feel free to let us know how you like it.