Webinar: How to sell better with RAYNET


During the half-hour webinar, we will guide you through the nooks and crannies of RAYNET CRM and show you how to use it easily. Pleasant, human and without hassle. All this on concrete examples. What will we focus on? How and why:

  • register clients with 4 clicks,
  • cleverly filter customers and other records,
  • use business cases and how to record them wisely,,
  • clear your head with the help of CRM calendar,
  • transfer e-mails from the mailbox to RAYNET (e-mail assistant),
  • analyze business data,
  • use the mobile application,
  • transcribe speech, record photos and other goodies.

The webinar is intended for those who are just starting out with RAYNET CRM and are led by experienced consultants from RAYNET. If you would prefer a personal consultation or need to create a new account in RAYNET, have a look here.