Putting an end to chaos. Set up notifications to fit your needs!

Putting an end to chaos. Set up notifications to fit your needs!
Finally, we've improved notifications so that you don't get bombarded with all sorts of unnecessary information. From now on, only get notifications you really want to see. And the best part? Each user can now set up notifications themselves – if the administrator has enabled it. Get rid of unwanted notifications once and for all!

Up until now, notifications could only be set up by the administrator – for all users at once. This was quite unfortunate, as roles in the team can vary, as well as the requirements for notifications. Now, you can set up notifications yourself based on your preferences, even as a user, if you are given permission to do so by the administrator.

Wide range of notification options

Notifications are now managed in the user settings, which can be accessed via "My Profile". There you can choose which group of records you want to be notified about:

  • Account, Contact, Lead
  • Deal, Quote, Project, Invoice
  • DMS
  • Activities
  • Other

You can then choose how you want to be notified for each group:

  • by a notification directly in RAYNET,
  • by email,
  • by mobile app,
  • or by a summary email – which we'll talk more about in the next paragraph.

Summary email

Have minor changes sent to you by a summary email once a day at a designated time, for example, every morning at 9 AM. By consolidating your updates into one email, you avoid being overwhelmed with data. This is a powerful change to help you keep track but not get lost in a sea of emails.

Browser notifications

Do you like desktop push notifications? Now you can also get browser notifications that appear in the corner of your screen even when the browser is running in the background. For example, if you use Google Chrome to browse, you can enable notifications in Settings > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > Notifications.

Fancier design and quicker access to news

Of course, we've also made an effort to spice up the design and make the notifications a little nicer to look at. They are now displayed in a simplified panel where you can quickly find out what's up. In the notification preview, you can see what the notification is about and what has changed in the record.

You can click on notifications, delete them right away or mark them as read, which allows you to easily categorize the information you receive. 

If you prefer the old way of viewing notifications in a large window and always want to view them like that, change the settings in the window, below the three-dot icon. 

In the large window - the notification list view, you can continue to use filters, perform mass edits and read detailed information about individual changes just as you are used to doing.