RAYNET 2.0: Introducing new ListView

RAYNET 2.0: Introducing new ListView
We've redesigned all of our List views, which you can now better tailor to your needs. We've completely changed the filtering so that you can find any information faster and easier and edit the filters. And we've also added mass activity and business case generation.

1. An infinite possibilities with new filtering

For all lists in RAYNET, you will find a new way of filtering, in which the possibilities by which you can filter have multiplied. So you have a looser hand in that and you will get an order of magnitude further in segmentation.
In the list, click Filtering and choose from the conditions under which you want to filter.

For example you can choose from:

  • dozens of criteria that concern the clients themselves,
  • criteria for business cases, products, leads and other records,
  • or use custom custom fields as criteria.

Example: Imagine that you want to have all the interesting business cases on your desk waiting to be tapped. In the filtering, you will check clients with activity after the deadline and with a business case in the state before closing. As soon as you select a criterion in the filtering, the list is updated immediately. You refine your filter every step of the way and you don't have to adjust it from scratch every time. Save the filter with the Save button or get rid of it with the Clean button if you no longer need it. You can also save your own column order and width along with the filter. In other words, you dig through the width and columns in the list, and the saved filter remembers it.

2. Editing, sharing and pinning filters

If you previously wanted to edit saved filters, you had to delete and recreate them. That's over. You can now find them all in the My Filters drop-down list above the list view. There you can:

  • edit saved filters,
  • delete unnecessary filters,
  • share your filters with colleagues
  • set filters as default.

The filter you set as the default will automatically be displayed when you open the list. This is useful, e.g. for sales reps who want to see only their clients after clicking on the contact list.

3. Mass creation of activities and business cases

This new tweak is another big step towards CRM automation. It saves time and frees you from unnecessary clicks.
At the beginning of each line in the list, you will now find check marks with which you can select several lines at once. When you do this, new green buttons will appear, including Create Business Case and Create Follow-up Activity.


Example: So, for example, if you filter out clients you haven't called for in a week, you'll tag them in bulk and schedule follow-up activity to contact them with a VIP program offer. You select the type of activity, category, solver and time in the calendar and you have ten calls scheduled right away.

It works similarly with deals. All you have to do is select contacts in bulk, click on Create deal, enter the basic data and a deal with the same parameters will be created for each client.

4. Bulk editing of records

The new check marks are used not only for bulk creation, but also for bulk editing of records. Just check multiple records in any list and click the Edit button.


With this feature you can, for example:

  • bulk change the contents of a specific field (for example, Categories),
  • change the owner of the records,
  • add or remove labels
  • adjust security level
  • or lock and unlock records.

Example: When you filter business cases, the total line automatically shows how much you offered them in total and how much you sold them in total.

So no more ant work in the form of editing each record separately.

5. Sum line for quick overview

This is a small but powerful tweak. Below each list you will find a summary line that will add up the values of all the numeric records you have currently filtered in the list.


When you just filter business cases, the total line will automatically show you for how much you have offered them in total and for how much you have sold them in total.

6. Three dots for quick creation of follow-up actions

At the end of each line in the list, you will also find three dots, which will offer you several quick actions after clicking. With their help:

  • create a follow-up event to the record (for example, follow-up to a business meeting),
  • adjust the security level of the record,
  • you cancel the entry
  • or delete it completely.

We would also like to hear your comments on the changes. You can write to us at support@raynetcrm.com.