Learn how to edit up to 200 records at the same time

Learn how to edit up to 200 records at the same time
Sometimes you need to set up a new category or tag for 100 different clients at once, or maybe to transfer 79 contacts to a new member of your sales team.

Now there’s no need to edit each record one by one – you can use our new Mass Edit function instead!

Mass Edit - Zoom

You’ll find the new function in:

  • Clients, Contacts and Leads (in the "Contacts" menu)
  • and in Deals (in the "Business" menu)

The Mass Edit button is at the top right of the window. When you click on it, it will highlight all the columns in the table that you can edit.

Mass Edit - Category

You can select up to 200 items at once – either by dragging the mouse over them (to choose a block of items), or by holding the CTRL key and clicking on the individual items with the mouse (that’s if you want to edit items that are not next to each other in a block). Then you just choose what change you want to make (with the drop-down menu) and save the changes.

What are the practical uses of the Mass Edit function?

  • If you want to sort a database of clients or deals by their origin – depending on whether they came from a call centre contact, a marketing campaign, or a recommendation.
  • When you have staff changes, you can easily assign clients and leads to a new member of your sales team.
  • Whenever you want to "clean up" your records and get rid of any out-of-date info (categories, tags etc.).

You’ll find a full guide to using the Mass Edit function on the customer support portal>>

P.S. It’s always great to hear your feedback – so why not leave us a comment and tell us how you like the new function!