Introducing 3 great RAYNET CRM functions to make your life easier

Introducing 3 great RAYNET CRM functions to make your life easier
Based on recommendations by you – our users – we've created three great new functions to make working with RAYNET CRM even easier. See how you like them!

Clearer calendar display when showing more than one user

The Calendar has always given you the option to display the activities of more than one user at the same time. But the more users you displayed, the harder it was to find your way around the calendar – too much information! So now we’ve introduced a clever new function to help simplify the display.

When you click on the name of a team member, that person’s activities are color-highlighted in the calendar. So you can still keep track of a whole group of people at once, but it’s easy to view the meetings, tasks and calls of each user separately. Win-win.

Color-highlighting the user in calendar

User birthday reminders

RAYNET CRM always had a function to remind you of your customers’ birthdays. But now we’ve added the same function for your team members – RAYNET users.

All you need to do is go into the user profile, click on the button Change Data, and then fill in the date for Birthday. A gift icon will appear in the Calendar to remind all other users that it’s time to start baking a birthday cake.

And don’t forget – you can also see a list of all approaching birthdays in the special panel on the Dashboard.

Adding birthday reminder to the RAYNET CRM's user

More alternative emails for your special email address

The special email address is a popular function which lets you quickly and easily import your emails into RAYNET CRM. Find details of how to use this function on the Customer Support Portal.

Previously, each user could only import emails from 2 inboxes. But now we’ve improved the function so you can import from as many alternative emails as you like.

Perhaps you don’t just use your work email, but also have other addresses at Gmail, Yahoo or others? No problem – just go into your profile and enter all your addresses in the “Alternative emails” box (separated by a comma or a gap).

Adding more alternative emails in the user settings