How to boost your sales with RAYNET? 3 Key Features For Efficient Sales – Part 2: Deals

How to boost your sales with RAYNET? 3 Key Features For Efficient Sales – Part 2: Deals
Only proper work with deals gives you the most important data for your sales.

Proper work with deals → relevant data and stats for your sales

The statistics of all the opportunity stages are created by using the Business deal records. Working with deals properly gives you information about a potential distribution volume in relation to the production planning, financial sources estimation and business strategy optimization.
As usual in RAYNET CRM, you have all the important information about Deal in one place.

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It is also possible to add a Quote in various stages to the Deals in the RAYNET CRM - from the first proposal to the sale.

What are the most important features you should not forget while working with Deals?

  • Deal stages - check the bookmark Basic information → Status. Here you can edit the deal stages or add new ones. To have a good overview, you can also filter your Deals according the status. Remember stages - they're very important for your stats!
  • Source - track the channels you got your Deals from. Were you recommended (a reference)? Have you addressed the company on your own (eg. direct emails or phone calls)? Again this item can be found on the Basic information bookmark.
  • Add products to a Deal - You can specify the price of each Deal (Quote) by adding Products that your customer ordered. The Products must be already created in the product list. It gives you a very quick and comfortable way of working with Deals.
  • Check also the Deals action overview. There are great tips for you to become a real Deal master!

In the last part we'll take the last step to effective sales - using our graphs and stats.