Hello World!

Hello World!
Today is the big day. We’re taking a huge step up, broadening our horizons , and setting our sights on the global on-line CRM market. It still feels like home, only bigger ;-)

Starting with - why: We’ve grown to be number one on our domestic CRM market, and you know what comes next: today – home, tomorrow – the world. Take a look at our story.

Our story l RAYNET CRM


Today’s market is packed with modern CRM solutions. But we’re not afraid of the competition. Far from it – we can’t wait to do battle with them. Our cutting-edge CRM system gives us a powerful weapon:


That’s not just our opinion – it’s what our users are telling us. So why not find out for yourself? We offer a 30-day trial, or you can choose our completely FREE plan – take a look!

Or if you’d like to find out more about RAYNET CRM, take a tour!