Custom fields and a whole pack of improvements in the new RAYNET CRM version

Custom fields and a whole pack of improvements in the new RAYNET CRM version
We keep the promises we make. The March version is full of news and beats even the January one. The best news of all are the almighty Custom fields.

#1 Custom fields in RAYNET CRM

We were thinking about custom fields for a while and it was a challenge for us. Finally two visionaries (Aleš and Portos) accepted the challenge and created a significant base within ShipIt framework on which work continued for a good few months.
Everything is done now. The same as always applies - if you have an idea for an improvement, let us know ;) Detailed instructions on how to use Custom fields can be found here:


#2 Keeping track of follow-up is a bit easier

We added two smart columns to account and contact list views. Thanks to them, you can see when you were last in touch with your customers (Last activity column) and for when the next activity is planned (Planned activity column). A small thing you may say, but with this you can immediately see where communication needs to be improved.


#3 Analysis disambiguation

There are eleven analyses in RAYNET which is quite a number. We created a disambiguation to get better oriented in them. Each analysis has its own icon and each user can create a list of his most used analyses.


#4 Contact import has a second template

We added a new alternative template for contact import. You can import both accounts and contacts within it. In the current template, it was only possible to import six contacts. The number of imported contacts is unlimited in the new template. Try it and see which template you prefer.

RAYNET CRM - Contact import

#5 ENTER and ESC keyboard shortcuts

If you tried pressing the ENTER and ESC keys intuitively in RAYNET and nothing ever happened, things will start happening now. At least in the most common scenarios.

  • ESC - cancels actions or closes window
  • ESC declines action and ENTER confirms it - e.g. do you want to save changes? ENTER = yes, ESC = no
  • CTRL + ENTER - saves and opens a new record, confirms advanced filter etc.
RAYNET CRM - Keyboard shortcuts

We know it is not the best we can do and we will keep adding keyboard shortcuts. Take it as a first step which will hopefully please you. :)

#6 Plan your meetings more easily in RAYNET CRM

You can now set the venue of a meeting using options "at our place" and "at their place".

RAYNET CRM - Meetings

There are also links redirecting you to maps and route planners in the Lead detail now so you do not have to copy the address.

#7 Advanced filter improvement

You can now view Accounts without any contact person.

RAYNET CRM - Advanced filter - Accouts

You can now filter Activities by the date of their edit/creation or by the account owner (not activity).

RAYNET CRM - Advanced filter - Activities

The next version will be a tuning one

We will take a break with big news for a while. We will work on making RAYNET run smoother and faster. We have always been cautious about that so we would not want to undermine it now. But do not worry! We will start working magic again afterwards, our plans for spring are big ;)

Let us know what you think of our latest news and have a nice day!