Autumn news in RAYNET CRM

Autumn news in RAYNET CRM
The biggest changes can be seen in our mobile application. We added monthly calendar and custom fields in it. RAYNET can also automatically uploads (some) contact photos now.

1. Calendar in mobile application

We added the traditional monthly calendar into the application. You can use side gesture or reschedule activities using drag and drop in it now. You can also change activity length or mark it as realized after clicking the activity you want.


RAYNET CRM - Mobile Calendar

2. Custom fields in mobile application

We added custom fields into the mobile application. Activate the option of custom fields in the mobile application Settings first. You can see custom fields on the second record tab and you can edit their values directly in your mobile application. You can watch more about how custom field work here.

RAYNET CRM - Mobile Custom fields

3. Automatic photo upload

Were you surprised when photos of some contacts automatically appeared? After creating Account or Contact, RAYNET will connect to Gravatar services and try to find an image for the new record.

RAYNET CRM - Photo of Contacts

4. More options for synchronization with Google contacts

You can now put contacts into both "RAYNET CRM" and "My Contacts" groups when synchronizing your lists which is a feature that will come in handy for iOS users.

RAYNET CRM - Synchronize Google Contacts

5. Filter Business deals according to their value

You can now filter Business deals with lower/higher than or equal to the specified value.

RAYNET CRM - Deal - Advanced Filter

6. Filter Analysis according to Business deal participants

We added the option to filter Analysis according to Business deal participants.

RAYNET CRM - Business Pipeline

7. Change of custom field order

You can reorder panels as you like directly in the Settings > Add-ons > Custom fields. Click arrows to swap the panels.

RAYNET CRM - Add-on - Custom field

8. Custom fields in record History

You can now view even columns with cumstom fields in the History panel on the record card.

RAYNET CRM - Account - History panel

9. Birthday according to owner

You can now view Birthday restricted to a specific record owner on the Dashboard - for instance, only birthday of clients that you are taking care of.

RAYNET CRM - Birthday settings

10. Mass Account and Contact invalidation

It is possible to mass invalidate Accounts and Contacts now.

RAYNET CRM - Accounts - Mass edit