Automatically add Accounts and Contacts – and other great improvements to save your time!

Automatically add Accounts and Contacts – and other great improvements to save your time!
We’ve introduced some great new functions to make it simpler and quicker to add records to your CRM. Now it only takes a few seconds – boosting the CRM User Comfort Index to an amazing 122% :-)

Quick addition of new Accounts and Contacts

We all know the situation. The phone rings, it’s a potential customer on the line, wanting to know more about your products and prices. Great – so you put the caller in the CRM.

The usual way to do it is a three-step process: set up a new Account, then list the caller as the Contact, and then create a record of the phone call, where you can write all the details.

But here at RAYNET CRM we thought that was just too much work – so we decided to make it simpler and quicker for you. Now instead of three steps, all you have to do is create a new Activity (like a phone call or a meeting) and then fill in the spaces for the Contact and the Account in the “Activity” form.

RAYNET then checks whether it’s a new Account. If it is, the system automatically sets that Account up for you – and it tells you a new Account has been created.

Automatically add - new record

Adding a new Deal as part of a Meeting record

To see how this second new feature works, let’s take another example. Say you’re having lunch with a potential customer. It’s going great, and at the end of the meeting you shake hands on a deal.

So now you’re in the train on your way back to the office. You open up your laptop, make a record of the meeting in the usual “Meeting” form… but now there’s a new option – just click on “Add Record >> Deal”, and then all you need to do is enter the estimated Final Price of the deal.

What happens then?


  • The Deal is automatically assigned to the Contact you had the meeting with.
  • The Deal is also linked directly to the Meeting, so you’ll never forget where and when you actually shook hands on it.
  • The information about your newly done Deal is instantly shown in all lists view and statistics.


Automatically add - deal