5 cloud applications that are worth checking

5 cloud applications that are worth checking
We are IT geeks and we love the cloud. What is the outcome of that? We spend an unreasonable amount of time (at the expense of sleep) on research, exploring and testing.

If it was possible, we would have a cloud application even for the coffee consumption in a coffee maker. Thanks to this, every once in a while we find some cloud software that was worth all this. We have chosen 5 applications that you might really enjoy...


Mailchimp – mass e-mails

Mailchimp has around 4 million users all around the world and when you look for a mass e-mail sending application you cannot miss it. Mailchimp is very reliable, easily operable and it has a wide range of various functions. Simply put, the best in the field.

Why we like Mailchimp:

  • For its price policy. Send 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers monthly for FREE!
  • E-mails sent from MailChimp are perfectly readable in Outlook, Thunderbird or Gmail.
  • In the application, you can find preset e-mail graphic templates or you can easily create your own HTML e-mail.
  • Among many other options, MailChimp offers the Delivery Doctor function (for paid versions) which keeps testing an e-mail until it is certain that an e-mail will not land in the spam box.

To try Mailchimp for free, click here >>.


BambooHR – human resources

It took us 3 months of painful testing of 6 different applications before we came across BambooHR. Today, we keep records of all employee benefits, vacations and all other personal things

Why we like BambooHR:

  • The monthly fee includes tons of functions. And when this is not enough anymore, you can ask for an expansion according to your needs for free. There are some limits but it still works really well.
  • The entire application is simple, well-arranged and the operating is intuitive enough.

To try BambooHR for free, click here >>.

Google Drive & Dropbox

Google Drive and Dropbox – data sharing

We might not be very original here. Google Drive is used to share various data. But we were surprised how long it took us to start using Google documents actively. Now we share everything via Google Drive - from arrears and moving to our new office, to road plan development and Robert's wedding singing rehearsal dates.

Why we like Google Drive:

  • 50 people can participate on the creation of one document without creating chaos and, consequently, the end of the world.

To try Google Drive for free, click here >>.

Just briefly about Dropbox Do you know any nicer free way of sharing data (even in large amounts) without the recipient having to register? We don't :)

Why we like Dropbox:

  • For its simplicity and comfortable manipulation.
  • 2GB of virtual space for free.
  • It is safe and it has many smart functions - from synchronization of saved data with all connected devices to smooth running on mobile phones.

To try Dropbox for free, click here >>.


Evernote – note organizer

Be aware. As soon as people around you find out you are using Evernote, the excuse "I forgot about it" will stop existing for you. Evernote takes all your notes that you have in your mobile phone PC or tablet, assembles them in one place and helps you sort them out - from text to pictures or video. It shows the training route including the satellite measured distance on a map.

Why we like Evernote:

  • We might be repeating ourselves but Evernote is simple and easily operated.
  • Could it be the key to a successful cloud service?
  • Taken notes are easy to organize, sort out and you can search through them quickly.
  • Do you need to send your tips for holidays to your wife? One touch is all it requires. Sharing also works wonderfully within this application.

To try Evernote for free, click here >>.


RunKeeper – running with a mobile phone

We have put the mobile training RunKeeper application through some very extensive testing - Vojta runs triathlons almost every weekend, David with Schod managed the Beskids Seven race and UFO has run the Prague marathon. RunKeeper has the power to bring people to running and keep them from computers - it gives running scientific accuracy.

Why we like RunKeeper:

  • It shows the training route including the satellite measured distance on a map.
  • It can track the speed and elevation.
  • It tracks your training, measures improvements and enables you to share the results on social networks.

To try RunKeeper for free, click here >>.


Final confession: We did have RAYNET CRM among the top 5 applications. We really enjoy using it :-) But we would rather keep this subjective opinion of our baby for some other time and other article.