3 new features for RAYNET CRM – all thanks to your great ideas!

3 new features for RAYNET CRM – all thanks to your great ideas!
Keep track of your clients’ birthdays, use the Chatter function or change ownership of records. All these are your ideas – you’ve given us feedback on what you want, and we’ve gone away and done it. That’s the beauty of cloud-based software development… so from all of us here at RAYNET – thanks for your great ideas, and keep ’em coming!

Chatter – now you can keep in touch with your team, and there’s no need to send e-mails!

OK, we’re geeks, but we still prefer to chat face-to-face with members of our team. We really like to talk over coffee – morning coffee, midday coffee, lunchtime coffee, after-lunch coffee, afternoon coffee… you get the idea. But sometimes it just isn’t possible to meet up in person – so that’s why we’ve created a new panel on your Dashboard called Chatter. When you post a message here, all the other users of the CRM will see it as soon as they log on. For a detailed description of the new panel click here >>

Support Portal - Chatter
Support Portal - Birthday

Birthday tracker

We’ve created a great new panel you can add to your Dashboard – it’s called Birthdays. It lets you know when somebody’s birthday is coming up – you can choose how long in advance you want it to remind you. The reminders will show up on the Dashboard and also in your Calendar. For more details about the Birthdays panel click here >>


Change ownership of records with just one click

Support Portal - Mass owner change

Accounts, Deals, Activities and other items in RAYNET – now you can easily transfer them from one user to another using a new function: Change ownership of records. Each administrator can do this with a new tab – just select the name of the original owner, choose a new owner, and tick whatever you want to change. For more details click here >>