The only calendar with which you can improve customer relationships

The only calendar that helps you keep track of the complete history of your relationship with every customer. And it can also show you what all your sales team members are doing at any given moment.

Compared to conventional shared calendars, RAYNET has one advantage. All activities try to build on your clients and the sales they really relate to. So if you honestly plan your business agenda, important phone calls, meeting notes or task notes in RAYNET CRM, over time you will create a pretty diverse package of information about each customer. You can then look at any time:

  • what you already have with the client,
  • who ever communicated with him and with what result,
  • what deals you managed to agree on,
  • when it creaked and how it was solved,
  • or maybe when was the last time you saw each other.

This way, your clients will have an entitled feeling that you really know them. Even after a few years, you can easily catch in the history of a common story and remember everything important.

Customer relations will not be endangered even by the departure of a member of the business team - his successor will follow up on the work of a colleague.

You can create a follow-up activity with 2 clicks

The RAYNET calendar does not hold dating. Follow-up planning is therefore a matter of two clicks. Just use the right mouse button over any activity in your calendar, choose to schedule the next step and everything you need will be pre-filled for you. It's just as easy to create a new deal from the calendar.


Connect RAYNET with calendars you already use

CRM Calendar is not a soloist, so you can link it to other applications that you use.

Sync with Google Calendar

The connection to Google Calendar works in both directions. This means that

  • you can edit activities not only in RAYNET, but also from the Google Calendar environment,
  • you can assign entries created in Google Calendar to specific contacts or business cases.

Watch a video tutorial on how to set up a link:


Complete instructions with pictures can be found here.

Sync with iPhone - iOS calendar

In Apple calendars, you can easily check what awaits you according to RAYNET. However, you transfer CRM activities to your device read-only. The connection works in one direction and the records can be edited exclusively in RAYNET. In 95% of cases, however, it will not matter, we promise. It is most natural to plan business activities directly where all other business data and customer data are also available. (In RAYNET ;)

You can manage the settings with a few clicks, just find out the address of your CRM calendar and overwrite it on the iPhone in the Settings > Passwords and accounts section, where you will add another account or another subscribed calendar. See the step-by-step connection instructions.

If the connection does not work immediately, just restart the device. We are in the 21st century, but the magic formula "off and on" is still valid :)

Sync with iCal

Using the iCal function, you can also transfer the RAYNET calendar to other devices and applications. For example to Outlook or Thunderbird. See the instructions with pictures here.

Distinguish activities with different colors


Sometimes even a small detail can move things significantly forward. For us, the business calendar is a color differentiation of activities according to what it is. In the raynet team, for example, we distinguish:

  • personal meeting in red,
  • scheduled communication with clients in purple,
  • internal tasks in blue
  • and private matters in green.

At first good, we know who solves what and what, and where there is room for joint meetings and raids.