Price List

The current default price list for RAYNET CRM Software services is available below:

Price of license per each user account

$25 per month (-8.3% discount for annual subscription)

Processing fee for bank transfer payment (card payments are free of charge)

$3 per payment

Fee for the provision of emergency backup (once every six months, the backup can be provided for free upon request)

$100 per case

Fee for the increase of the API call limit – for every 10,000 requests per day

$50 per month

Fee for exceeding the limit of records, for every commenced 200,000 records (Contact Database + Activities + Business incl. Invoices)

$100 per month

Fee for electronic signatures

Start - 4 documents per month


Light - 15 documents per month, each additional one for $0.70


Heavy - 35 documents per month, each additional one for $0.50


Custom - More than 250 documents

Upon agreement

Fee for automation

Start - 50 runs per month


Builder - 3,000 runs per month


Architect - 10,000 runs per month


Architect+ - 10,000 runs per month and every additional 1,000 runs for $3


The Customer acknowledges and agrees that RAYNET is entitled to unilaterally change the amount of the Fee and other items on this Price List. We will notify you of such changes at least 30 days before they take effect.

By concluding the Agreement on the use of RAYNET CRM Software, you, as the Customer, expressly declare that you have carefully read the Price List and cleared any doubts regarding the Price List and that any questions with regard to it have been answered by RAYNET. You further declare that you understand and agree to the Price List and its individual items.