Keep your data in the world’s safest cloud.
(Have you ever heard of Amazon Web Services getting hacked?)

At RAYNET CRM, data security is our number one priority.
Only the best is good enough for us – and that’s why we use the world’s top cloud computing service – Amazon Web Services.
All our communications are encrypted – just like internet banking.

  • Complete Backup

    We back up everything, every day. All fully encrypted – so your data really is for your eyes only. The backups never leave our data center with its state-of-the-art security system. Complete backup – for complete peace of mind.

  • Controlled Access

    Access to your RAYNET CRM is restricted – you decide who’s allowed to see your data, and what data they’re allowed to see. Setting up access rights and parameters is easy – giving you total control over your data.

  • SSL Secure Connections

    We took our inspiration from internet banking, so all communication in RAYNET CRM is encrypted using DigiCert® certified electronic signatures.

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