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Martina Munstrova

"The RAYNET CRM system is simple, smart and surprisingly appealing."

Martina Munstrova

Kamil Bostik

"Transferring to the new system was definitely worth it! I cannot really imagine that my colleagues and I would return to a time before RAYNET CRM. "

Kamil Bostik

Vlastimil Voznik

"We consider RAYNET CRM to be a very positive step towards increasing our sales because business is also about gaining, keeping, categorizing and working with information and we have improved this area a lot thanks to RAYNET."

Vlastimil Voznik

Lucie Sara Jurcova

"What I really appreciate about your company is that you incorporate our suggestions in your upgrades. I wish you the best in your business."

Lucie Sara Jurcova


As a RAYNET Cloud CRM user I must say that your system is truly amazing - we really like the graphic design (clarity, simplicity, colours, icons etc.) and we also appreciate that it includes exactly the functions that we need and we are not overwhelmed by a lot of other unused functions which we would not know how to use anyway. It is very intuitive to use and the help with video tutorials is also a brilliant idea.
I will definitely recommend your company to others.

Stanislav Pavlu


From when our company grew through the addition of a sales team, we decided that we needed a system for planning, monitoring and analyzing our activities.

Google came up with a couple of options through the keywords and after having tried a few demo versions we easily decided for the RAYNET Cloud CRM system which offered the simplest usability and clarity. We have been satisfied with the system so far and we look forward to exploring all its possibilities.

Zdenek Fibich


Thanks to RAYNET I keep track of all business deals, projects and plans of our company. This CRM system is a great help for your business - it is intuitive, clear, and an undeniable advantage is also its adaptability to our company's needs.

I also appreciate the personal approach from the RAYNET team who are very obliging and take care of their customers not only at Christmas:-)

We can definitely recommend the RAYNET CRM system. The only thing left is to make our employees fill in the system regularly and we will be fully satisfied.

Ales Stibinger

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