RAYNET is the most popular CRM system in the Czech Republic with over six thousand active users. When designing and improving it, we mainly focus on making things simple and intuitive so that it saves time for those working in sales. How does RAYNET manage all of that?

The core of RAYNET revolves around three essential functions – Address book, Business deals and Activities. 

1. Address book – keep your contacts neat and tidy

The Address book function helps salesmen keep all important information about clients in one place. It creates a powerful contact database, which helps salesmen swiftly search for any contact and add a new record immediately - all this even when they are out of the office via the RAYNET CRM mobile application

For every client, salesmen can view the entire history of everything they have done with that client – meetings, documents, e-mails, complaints or their own notes. Salesmen can just open the address book of a particular client before a meeting and they are up to date

2. Business deals – have a perfect overview of your business

In Business deals, salesmen or their managers can see what sales are currently in progress and how successful sales are. Salesmen can study sales results in detail and make estimations of what to expect. They can evaluate what business opportunities they should spend time on and what the chances of success are

They can also quickly prepare all documents necessary for customers in RAYNET - offers, orders and calculations can be prepared by a few clicks without any unnecessary paperwork. 

3. Activities – be sure your salesmen don't forget a thing

Activities serve as a smart calendar thanks to which salesmen can keep their head free of too many details. They can enter new business meetings and tasks in it just by dragging data from the Address book or Business deals. It is also possible to connect Activities with the calendar on their mobile phones and share calendars with colleagues

If you are interested in RAYNET CRM, you can find a detailed description of everything it can do here, or you can start a 30-day free trial version (free of any commitments and without needing to enter your credit card information).