What is CRM?

What is CRM?
CRM is software for managing good customer relationships.

With CRM (based on Customer Relationship Management), you can collect, maintain and analyze all useful customer data such as contact information, business transactions, or your communications history. All this data is then used by CRM to:

  • understanding customers and their needs
  • empowering traders
  • improving customer care
  • or promoting marketing activities.

Basically, CRM systems are divided into three categories, but many CRM systems link these categories to each other:

Operational CRM

It mainly supports business activities and front office. It allows you to collect customer data to improve sales or marketing.

Analytical CRM

It analyzes customer data collected and creates the basis for important corporate decisions. It also evaluates marketing campaigns or encourages traders to focus on opportunities.

Collaborative CRM

It creates channels for direct communication with the customer and moves it forward. For example, customers will connect with technical support, marketing departments or IT consultants. In particular, it supports customer care and allows you to better respond to individual customer needs.

CRM software has been helping businesses respond to customer needs since 1995. However, they have grown well since then. While it was a simple database system, today's CRM will allow you to:

  • Integration with accounting, business, and other systems
  • handle emails and phone calls
  • analyze data in clear statistics and graphs
  • or take them off-road with the mobile app.

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