What is a CRM system good for?

What is a CRM system good for?
CRM systems are tools which help to cumulate all customer data in one place. Users can work with this data efficiently, use it to do business more successfully and to increase customer satisfaction.

Individual CRM systems can have various aims depending on their specific functions. However, there are three basic purposes that all CRM systems have in common:

1. Providing information

CRM systems provide the maximum amount of useful information to everyone who gets in touch with customers at any stage of a sale. For example, the following information: 

  • history of everything you have undertaken with a particular client, 
  • what problems you have dealt with and with what result 
  • sales volume history for a particular client.

This information can be used, for instance, in:

  • sales departments when meeting and gaining new clients and contacts,
  • customer support to help current clients swiftly,
  • marketing departments to focus campaigns on current clients.

2. Simplifying customer data register

If companies keep a register of customer data, they often keep it scattered in various formats and in various places. For instance, as Excel charts in computers,  various company discs or even printed document files. CRM eliminates the necessity for other options of data storage and makes it possible for companies to keep all data in one place

In CRM, you can find the client database, business activity planner but also tools for business deal management

3. Making work more efficient

CRM can automate and simplify activities of multiple company departments, especially the sales department. It relieves them of the administrative load such as rewriting data or reports, paperwork or manually searching for information so that they can focus on what should be their main workload – doing business

At the same time, CRM also makes work easier for managers, the customer support team and the marketing department. 

Now you know what miracles are possible with CRM systems! We will share with you how it all works specifically in RAYNET CRM.