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Business dashboard now brings a new view on open Business deals

Thanks to the new Business dashboard, you can now move open Business deals forward or close them. You will gain a quick overview of the number and value of Business deals in individual stages.

#1 Business dashboard

The Business deals are shown as individual cards on the dashboard. The cards are further sorted into columns according to the status (or business deal stage) they are currently at.

The entire dashboard can be controlled by dragging the mouse. Business deals can be moved forward or closed.

You will gain a quick overview of the number and value of Business deals in individual stages. The dashboard also keeps track of the dates for planned activities or follow-ups.

RAYNET CRM - Business board

#2 Overview of sold products

In the Account history, you can now see what products were sold to the client in the past so you can prepare a customized offer for that particular client.

RAYNET CRM - Account History

#3 Filter by number of days since last sale

When you are selling to a client repeatedly, filtering Accounts by the date of the last sale can be useful. A small hint of who to contact back.

RAYNET CRM - Filtering Accounts

#4 Add-ons

Administrators will be pleased to know that we now have new additional functions administration. You can now activate all required functions from one spot. And vice versa, you can deactivate the functions you are currently not using.

RAYNET CRM - Add-ons

#5 New colours

We have created a new colour palette. There are more to choose from and they are brighter. A small spring RAYNET cosmetic update.

RAYNET CRM - New colours

#6 Change product parameters in Pricelist

You can now edit the name of a particular product or its costs and other parameters directly in the Pricelist.

RAYNET CRM - Product in Pricelist

#7 Create your own status for Leads

You can select Lead status according to how your business model functions.

RAYNET CRM - Lead Status

#8 Another e-mail address in Leads

If you use Leads rather often, you will certainly appreciate contact details being extended by a second e-mail address.

RAYNET CRM - Lead - email 2

#9 RAYNET in other languages

Foreign teams using RAYNET will appreciate RAYNET language localizations into Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Swedish. These languages will only work in a trial mode (beta version) for now. It is possible that some translations will be missing or will not be entirely accurate.

RAYNET CRM - Other languages

#10 Quote export in new languages

If you do business with foreign countries, you can use our quote exports in English, German, Russian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Swedish. Administrators can activate the option of foreign language exports.

RAYNET CRM - Quote exports in new languages

#11 Mass edit for other columns

Tidying up your Accounts and Leads is a bit easier again. Thanks to Mass edit, you can now edit details about city, state, postal code or country.

RAYNET CRM - Mass edit


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