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Latest updates of RAYNET CRM are focused on effectiveness

The new version is full of news which saves your time and makes your work with RAYNET easier.

RayDay represents a possibility to get to know other RAYNET users and learn about our news and plans for the future. Right now it is just local event in Czech republic.

#1 Faster orientation in the Calendar

Working with the Calendar is now much easier. You can view your calendar, the calendar of your boss, or sales team within one click thanks to the filters. This will be particularly helpful for larger teams.

RAYNET CRM - Calendar

#2 Activities can now be mass edited

The list view for tasks, meetings, activities, e-mails, phone calls, and letters now has a new option of mass edit.

RAYNET CRM - Meetings

#3 Windows in the application can be moved

All windows opened in RAYNET can now be moved.


#4 Filter by the last edit date

All RAYNET smart filters can now filter by the date of the last edit. You can also filter by the date of the last completed activity in Business deals.

RAYNET CRM - Account - Advanced Filter

#5 Event venue

The EventĀ“s venue field has been added to the Activity detail.


#6 Custom fields in Activities

Custom fields can now be added for tasks, meetings, activities, e-mails, phone calls, and letters.

RAYNET CRM - Custom fields

There is more news to be found in the latest version but we believe that introducing the six most important ones is enough for now. You can find the rest of the news here.


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